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Upgrade your
onboarding & education

Leverage microlearning for more effective, efficient training

  • Streamline orientation

  • Transform current curriculum into bite-size content

  • Sustain learning with on-demand resources at the point of care

  • Conduct competency assessments accurately and easily

  • Digitize skills days and annual training 



decreased orientation time

Empower your staff with a virtual preceptor

Help your nurses and frontline teams perform at their best

  • Convenient, easy-to-access job aids

  • 24/7 bedside support with the tap of a button

  • Intuitive search functionality for quick retrieval of critical information

  • Short, how-to videos, guides and other custom content

  • Best practices and supplemental resources shared by other hospitals


“Replicate the best preceptor you ever had and have them available anytime you need it.”

– Susan Russell, MSN, RN
Chief Nursing Officer


Keep your teams up to speed

Quickly update your staff with streamlined communication

  • Push out important team announcements

  • Instantly share new or updated resources

  • Digitize team huddles with notes and links for easy reference

  • Post unit essentials with key team-specific information

  • Publish weekly newsletters to share updates, recognition, and more


“The Elemeno platform has been absolutely critical to our ED response.”

– Jeanne Noble, MD, Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine


Modernize your audit process

Conduct and track audits and assignments with ease and precision

  • Assign training for priority procedures and workflows

  • Measure compliance with customizable audits

  • Pair best practices in education with self-assessments

  • Engage peers through gamified team challenges

  • Reinforce optimal behaviors with real-time reporting





Promote Peer-to-Peer

Leverage “Shout-outs” to drive team cohesion

  • Encourage a culture of mutual respect and support

  • Make it easy for staff to express gratitude

  • Call out exceptional team or individual performance

  • Share positive feedback from patients

  • Enable "likes" and other social media-style engagement


decreased in nursing turnover

Track progress.
Discover insights.

Get essential reports in real time and in one place

  • Follow individual task completion

  • Know when team members view key content

  • Analyze most-viewed content and search queries

  • Keep content current through notifications and staff feedback

  • Understand staff behavior and deliver on their needs


Contact us for a free demo.

We'd love to show you how Elemeno can improve your staff's performance.


Let us take care of the lift.

Accomplish key goals with your Client Success Team

  • Partner with your own dedicated support team for Elemeno

  • Let us handle deployment and content transformation

  • Work with us to drive results on what matters most

  • Learn how to optimize your team's use of the platform

  • Lean on us for the design and delivery of your materials

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