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Just-in-Time Job Aids

Provide your staff with step-by-step instructions for your specific procedures and equipment, including setup, use 
and troubleshooting.

Custom Content Libraries

Quickly retrieve videos and other bite-size content based on your current materials for training, procedures, best practices, etc.

Elemeno Resource Network

Leverage how-to guides for common procedures, equipment and other materials created and voluntarily shared by the Elemeno community.

Unit Essentials

Make it easy and convenient for your staff to find basic team information like rosters, location maps, scheduling information, overhead codes, etc.

Reference Resources

Provide real-time access to clinical materials, policy summaries, operational procedures and other critical information.

Search Function

Your staff will be able to quickly 
and easily locate and review materials in your hospital’s or unit’s Custom Content Library.

“We changed training in a way that was scalable for the system, yet personal and meaningful to the individual.”

– Lori Wiegand, MSN, RN,
   System Chief Nursing Officer

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Team Communication Tools


Quickly inform team members of new policies, procedures or any other critical or time-dependent information.


Post weekly or monthly updates on staff changes, promotions and recognition, upcoming events, and anything else your team needs to know.

Shout outs

Allow your nurses and other staff members to virtually high-five each other, which helps reinforce good teamwork and builds a positive, productive culture.  

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“I love having access to Elemeno at the bedside. I can rapidly access things that are life-saving.”

– Adrienne Groh, BSN, RN, CCRN

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Management & Training Tools


Collect data from your team to suit a variety of purposes. Use audit forms to track compliance, and short quizzes to measure skill and knowledge attainment.

Competency Tracking

Easily and efficiently track your team’s progress toward competency milestones with simple-to-use digital tools like forms and reports.


Actionable, easy-to-use dashboard lets you track both your overall team’s and specific team member’s engagement with critical information, training and other content.


Assign specific content to specific team members and track compliance, so you can be sure those who “need to know” actually do.


Use challenges to positively reinforce standard practices, provide team unity, and support adoption of new techniques, procedures and/or policies.

“We saw the app as an opportunity to transition our education model to a format for today’s generation.”

– Ann Herrmann, MSN, RN, PCNS-BC, CPN, CCRN Clinical Education Scholar-CHOI Division

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Administration Features

Enterprise Ready

As a cloud-based platform, Elemeno is easy to implement with a very light IT lift, with no Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration required or Patient Health Information (PHI) stored.

Custom Content Management

Elemeno's content designers collaborate with you to develop the ideal content library for your team based on microlearning principles and your distinct needs and challenges.

Single Sign-On

Actionable, easy-to-use dashboard lets you track both your overall team’s and specific team member’s engagement with critical information, training and other content.

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