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Digital platform helping to streamline communication at Golisano Children's Hospital

Jun 24, 2024

BRIGHTON, N.Y. (WROC) — Taking patient care to the next level: that’s the goal at Golisano Children’s Hospital with technology introduced to its nurses nearly two years ago.

Now, almost 700 nurses at Golisano Children’s are using the tool provided by Elemeno Health. For those on the front lines, it’s described as a difference-maker in patient care and procedures.

As patients’ needs change day to day and by the hour, the technology helps to streamline treatment at Golisano Children’s.

“24/7. That’s what health care is all about. When we think of our new staff, nurses or residences coming through, they are disproportionately working on night shifts and weekends, the less desired time periods. Those are the times that are really of higher risk,” said Dr. Arup Roy-Burman, founder & CEO of Elemeno Health.

The 24/7 digital platform was created to boost communication between doctors and nurses in building patient profiles to avoid any errors in the operating room.

“It really is tailored to our hospital system. So, other learning platforms are sometimes a one-size-fits-all approach,” said Wendy Hou, assistant director of pediatric nursing at Golisano Children’s Hospital, “In a specific case, they might want to look up the prep for that the day before. The nursing professional development practitioner in that area has done a really fantastic job of creating content for their unit-specific site that allows the nurses in that area to see all of the visuals they need in order to know how to set up for that case, and really run it as efficiently and safely as possible.”

Officials with URMC say the software has been especially crucial in preparing staff for pediatric surgeries, and changing the way information is transferred among staff and ultimately to the patient.

“Being able to have that support in the moment is huge in helping Golisano to deliver that high quality of care, the same level that’s happening during the day and happening around the clock. The patients time of need can be any time, and you want to be ready every time,” said Dr. Roy-Burman.

Golisano Children’s Hospital was the first to put this software into practice in New York State. Officials say the hope is to extend Elemeno Health’s technology to more facilities statewide in the future.

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