Empower teams at the point of care

Elemeno delivers just-in-time training and communication to frontline healthcare teams, reducing medical errors and improving patient outcomes. Let us show you how a medium-sized hospital is saving $5M/yr and overcoming Covid-19 staffing challenges with Elemeno.

What we do

Elemeno elevates frontline teams with a complete point-of-care solution

Just-in-Time Training

Drive lasting behavioral change and build confidence with custom bite-sized learning.

Staff Empowerment & Communication

Streamline communications, boost teamwork, reduce burnout and deliver recognition in real-time.

Actionable Insights

Use data to understand team needs, track performance, and measure impact.

The Elemeno Approach

Through our one-stop shop for training, communication and engagement, Elemeno transforms the way frontline teams work together to deliver the best care.

How-To Clinical Videos & Equipment Instructions
In Service Training & Onboarding
Quick references
Decision guides
Team Communication & Recognition

Elemeno is here for the frontline

We work with healthcare leaders to reduce practice variation while increasing team effectiveness by giving the frontline what they need to feel confident and competent.

I am a Healthcare Executive

I want to improve the bottom line by reducing turnover, training cost and risk.

I am a Team Leader

I want to quickly train, educate and update my team as practices constantly change.

I am a Patient Safety & Quality Leader

I want to ensure my frontline staff has access to the right information 24/7 – at the point of care.

“I love having an expert in my pocket. It’s easier than reading bulletins, emails, and flyers. Elemeno makes our best practices actionable when we need them most, when taking care of patients.“

Cindy Collinson, MSN, RN, CNS, NNP-BC

NICU Clinical Nurse Educator at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland

Join a community of top-tier organizations who use Elemeno to train their teams, combat burnout and improve care outcomes.