A better way to train and retain your teams.

Elemeno is an intuitive, cloud-based app, customized to specific needs of your hospital or unit. Streamline training and communication, drive best practices, and empower your staff with just-in-time access to critical information. For frontline teams, Elemeno is a game changer.

Microlearning for maximum impact.​

Modernize your training. Help your team learn faster and perform at the top of their game through easy-to-digest, bite-size formats like short videos, images, and quick, simple job aids.

Real-time support,
when time
matters most.

Empower your frontline teams by giving them 24/7 access to essential information at their fingertips, like equipment set ups, procedure guides, team communications and more. It’s the information your team needs, at the exact time and place they need it.

“Elemeno is my 911.”

– Allana Loiler, ER Nurse

Your content digitally optimized.

Your staff needs more than off-the-shelf content to do their best work. That’s why Elemeno supports nurses and frontline teams with actionable information specific to your hospital or unit. It’s your policies, your procedures, your equipment, customized for your team.

Meaningful impact. Proven results.


Reduction in time to implement training


Decrease in orientation time


Reduction in serious patient harm events

Coming together to improve frontline healthcare.

See what Elemeno
can do for your team.

We’d love to show you how Elemeno can help you train and support your frontline staff more efficiently. To learn more, simply request a demo and one of our friendly team members will be in touch.