Empower Staff

At the Point of Care

Microlearning as a ServiceĀ  Customized for You

target major hospital acquired infections

Reduced central line infections 48%

Saving multiple lives and $1.1M

With >10x ROI


Improved collaboration across disciplines

Decreased frequency of all serious harm events



hospital SaaS benefits

United microlearning and point-of-care auditing to accelerate Quality Improvement

$30,000 labor savings for line care audits alone

Engaging the Frontlines

target major hospital acquired infections

Scale Any Practice

Accelerate adoption of strategic priorities. Deploy targeted training, from on-boarding to in-servicing.

Collect user feedback, and measure engagement.

Make Best Practices Accessible and Actionable

Transform your practices into on-demand microlearning videos, checklists, and decision guides.

Share across disciplines, professions, and locations.

hospital SaaS benefits

Engage Your Staff

Healthcare is a team sport.

Elevate performance through gamification and recognition. Improve outcomes through increased practice consistency.

Our Awards

Elemeno Closes the Gap Between

Knowledge and Practice

Our Core Elements

Elevate quality and performance with clear communication and metrics. Lift up the domain experts on your team and raise the bar for others.
Empower your team with the tools and the information they need to perform their best. Provide them with what they need, where and when they need it.
Engage everyone around patient care. Build stronger teams across professions and shifts. Give people the recognition they deserve.

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