Engage Your Teams Through Recognition

“Recognition is a way to take care of each other and let someone know how much they are valued. The easof being able to give and receive gratitude in a simpland public way, from the same app we go for clinical bespractice support, helps make us all be more efficient and solidifies our sense of teamThis motivates my colleagueand me to provide better care for our patients.”

Stephanie Jullien, RN

Cardiac ICU Nurse

With Elemeno, Recognition Is Built Right In

Why Recognize?

  • promote job satisfaction
  • encourage teamwork
  • improve retention
  • increase productivity

Why Elemeno?


  • access on-demand, anywhere
  • publicize kudos transparently
  • foster inter-professionalism
  • track & measure by unit/group
  • report successes to managers

“Healthcare delivery is all about team. Inter-professionalism ancollaboration are key. At UCSF, Elemenos prototype brought HR and Clinical Ops togetheto create a solution recognizinindividual achievement whilsimultaneously elevating teaperformance.

Kristin Chu, MBA

Director of Technology Services, UCSF School of Medicine

Results published in American Journal of Medical Quality


2,451 inter-professional peer-recognitions

40x legacy HR system

Increased staff engagement

Improved patient satisfaction (Press-Ganey)

Hamilton, C., Osterhold, H., Chao, J., Chu, K., & Roy-Burman, A. (2018). Gratitude and Recognition in a Hospital Setting: Addressing Provider Well-Being and Patient Outcomes. American Journal of Medical Quality.