Moving the Needle in Nurse Education with Cloud-Based, On-Demand Microlearning

Exponential growth in medical technology and information has increased the need for improved training methods for nurse educators. Medical knowledge in 1950 was expected to double every 50 years, compared to every 73 days in 2020. Traditional training methods have proved to be ineffective in today’s health care setting. Didactic sessions, pre-shift huddles, and paper resources were designed to teach nurses in health care settings of the past. These methods are time-consuming and inefficient in deploying rapidly changing information in real-time situations such as with COVID-19. 

In order for nurse educators to effectively train staff, new training tools and methods must be adopted. Elemeno Health is an on-demand, cloud-based microlearning platform where information can be deployed in real-time. Training efficiency and effectiveness is greatly improved, while nurses and frontline staff can access new protocols from their mobile phone.  

Implementation of this tool has led to improved staff engagement and increased training productivity. UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland nurse educator, Cindy Collinson said, “I have seen growing engagement among nurses in our unit, and I have received positive feedback about how Elemeno Health has helped.” 

Engaging the Frontlines with Elemeno Health

See how UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland is using Elemeno Health to standardize procedures and communicate policies to empower nurses, and provide best practices to patients.

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