Launchpad Digital Health Backs 11 Companies in Q3

San Francisco, California, October 5, 2017 – Launchpad Digital Health, the leading U.S. seed investor and mentor in digital health, closed a busy third quarter of 2017 by leading new seed round funding for 8 new top-tier early-stage companies. These companies have begun their twelve-month in- house immersion at our San Francisco 3-story hub. In addition, Launchpad Digital Health closed more follow-on investments in Stop Breathe & Think, Tueo Health and Amicomed. After our first three years, 85% of the Launchpad Digital Health companies are successfully completing substantial follow-on venture rounds, corporate strategic investments and/or partnerships on schedule, after building sustainable businesses and achieving substantial milestones to warrant this next major step.

For these investments, more than half are headed by female CEOs, contrary to what has sadly been the norm in Silicon Valley. This is directly in line with our recent pledge and founding membership in, an organization committed to empowering female leadership positions.

“Our momentum continues to build, and we’ve just closed our largest group of new digital health companies yet. They are each changing the face of health, some from the inside and others outside of the existing healthcare system. No doubt, this next group of great co-founding teams will see the kind of rapid progress that our portfolio companies have achieved thus far,” said Fred Toney, CEO & Co-Founder of Launchpad Digital Health. “We are also quite proud of our founding membership in, to back and empower women in leadership positions and as CEOs.”

About the New Seed Deals:

Agathos – Defining value by measuring care variation and costs. CEO – Andrew Trees

Addicaid – Virtual addiction recovery programs. CEO – Sam Frons

Elemeno Health – SaaS virtual coach for frontline healthcare teams. CEO – Arup Roy-Burman, MD

Happy Couple – Daily interaction for couples to achieve greater happiness. CEO – Julien Robert

Omnicure – Telemedicine for intensive care units of medical facilities. CEO – Sanjay Subramanian

Wellstart Health – Physician-led digital programs for reversing chronic disease. CEO – Olivia Kelly

Mentia – Therapeutic digital village for people with dementia and caregivers. CEO – Mandy Salomon

One additional company, that remains undisclosed at this stage.

About the Follow-on Investments:

Amicomed – Digital platform mastering blood pressure. CEO – Giangiacomo Rocco di Torrepadula Stop Breathe & Think – Daily emotional wellbeing for a younger generation. CEO – Julie Campistron

Tueo Health – Better breathing, for kids. Taking control of pediatric asthma with passive nightly monitoring, engagement and guidance. CEO – Bronwyn Harris, MD

About Launchpad Digital Health

Launchpad Digital Health is the leading U.S. seed investor and mentor in digital health. We offer more time, more capital and more intensity, from seasoned healthcare professionals, which is leading to successful outcomes. Launchpad Digital Health is the place to build a sustainable company of value in digital health:

  • Leading with Significant Seed Funding
  • Long-Term Mentoring/Advising and Co-Location, Allowing for More Intensity
  • Also, via Earlier Stage Immersion Programs

Portfolio companies include: Therachat, Moving Analytics, Tueo Health, Limelight Health, LifeDojo, Stop Breathe & Think, Medable, QueueDr, Sensely, Aida Health, Hint Health, InsightRx, Lighthouse, Agathos, Breezometer, SoberGrid, Amicomed, Addicaid, Omnicure, Wellstart Health, Happy Couple, Lab Sensor Solutions, Elemeno Health, Wellbrain and Mentia.

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