Keeping Patients and Frontline Medical Staff Safe in SF Bay Area

MEDIA ALERT: Thursday, March 19, 2020

COVID-19 Frontline Readiness: Elemeno’s Digital App Ensures Bay Area hospitals manage patients and keep frontline staff safe as they address COVID-19.

Sonoma Valley Hospital goes live with Elemeno in less than 12 hours following UCSF lead.

Up-to-the-moment infection control and agency reporting streamlined in seconds. National, regional, and hospital-specific practices at fingertips 24/7.

Like all hospitals, Sonoma Valley Hospital (SVH) faces challenges to ready staff for COVID-19. Realtime access to current protocols and guidelines is vital to effective containment and mitigation strategies.

SVH is a UCSF Health affiliate and relies on UCSF for support of quality care. Because of the COVID-19 crisis, UCSF recommended using Elemeno for COVID-19 protocols, available in the moment, in the hands of frontline teams, to support patient and staff safety.

The bite-sized app is an “expert at your fingertips” with mission critical information and continuously updated coronavirus practices, essential to patient care and infection control, available on-demand.

“With this new app, our frontline staff has immediate access to recommended practices to safely care for patients who may have COVID-19,” says Kelly Mather, CEO of Sonoma Valley Hospital. “It has improved rapid communication and training for our frontline teams.”

ED staff are using the Elemeno app to quickly access coronavirus information on:

  • Screening safely and preventing the spread of infection
  • Managing patients with potential COVID-19 infection
  • Quickly reporting suspected cases to health agencies
  • Protective gear requirements – face shields, masks, gowns, gloves and goggles
  • How to videos (for example, how to put on and take off protective gear)
  • How to Protect other patients, hospital staff and alleviate anxiety
  • Shared UCSF COVID-19 practices
  • Selected CDC and regional resources

Interviews Available with:

Kelly Mather, CEO, Sonoma Valley Hospital
Contact: Celia Kruse De La Rosa, SVH 707.935.5257

Dr. Arup Roy-Burman, Founder of Elemeno 510.220.1595 Pediatric Critical Care and former Pediatric ICU Medical Director, UCSF

Media Contact: Lisa Ricci,

Resources: B-roll of how the app can be used for coronavirus updates. On location interviews available upon request.