Elemeno Express for COVID 

Emergency Departments across the U.S. are empowering staff in the fight against COVID. You can, too. It’s free.

Emergency physicians are leading the charge to protect our communities and slow the spread of COVID-19. By partnering with Elemeno Health to offer this free service, together, we will strengthen the way we care for patients across the United States. 

William P. Jaquis MD, FACEP, President, American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP)

It Works

Save Time. Save Money. Improve Outcomes.

Elemeno is deployed in hospitals coast to coast. Department leaders easily drive team communication and point-of-care training through our cloud solution, accessible any time, anywhere, on any device. 

“The Elemeno platform is absolutely critical to our response.”

Jeanne Noble MD

Director, Disaster Readiness, UCSF Emergency Dept.

The UCSF ED deployed Elemeno for team communication and training. UCSF “reduced email fatigue, kept providers up to date, allowed staff to submit feedback and accelerated optimization of workflows.” Staff accessed Elemeno over 2500 times in one month. Emergency Department preparation for COVID-19: accelerated care units. Epub EMJ May 2020.

Ready for Today’s Clinical Environment

What you need, when you need it.

Gone are the days of static flyers and posters and mass e-mails lost in the shuffle.   A subset of the Elemeno Health platform, Elemeno Express delivers point-of-care training and team announcements to your staff, all for free.

  • No IT needed.  Available to your team 24/7 on any internet-enabled device, from hospital workstation to personal mobile.
  • Dynamic & Current.  Keep your team confident and secure with up-to-the moment updates, customizable to their feedback.
  • Asynchronous & Distanced. In-person staff meetings are out. Safely communicate information on-shift, in transit, or at home. 

Let’s All Help Each Other

Shared and community-sourced best practices.

Best practice is our business. Elemeno Express includes:

  • ACEP-approved COVID-19 reference materials.  Bite-sized text, images, and videos. Contextual support when you need it most.
  • Customizable communications.  Add announcements, notes, documents and links specific to your Emergency Department.
  • Real-time updates. New ACEP-approved content pushes directly to your department leadership.

Don’t Just Train … Sustain

Reduce overhead and improve outcomes.

The way we obtain and retain information has changed. In-person skills days, staff meetings and team huddles are costly and non-contextual. Learning needs to be safe, accessible and timely.

Elemeno Express helps you deliver contextually appropriate bite-sized training on-demand, whether at the bedside, on break, or at home. Continually support staff when they need it most, bringing lasting change, consistency, and improved outcomes.

Up-and-Running in Minutes!

Getting started is easy.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your department (we’ll use that information to set up your site).

2. Review the ACEP COVID-19 reference materials and add information specific to your institution, as needed.

3. Invite your team by email.  

Keep Patients Safe, and Staff Secure  

It’s Free

For Health Care Systems

“… the source of truth for all of our ED providers and staff at UCSF in the rapidly changing environment of COVID-19. Transformative for us.” 

Maria Raven, MD, MPH, MSc

Chief of Emergency Medicine, UCSF

For Rural & Community Hospitals

“With this new app, our frontline staff has immediate access to recommended practices to safely care for patients who may have COVID-19,”

Kelly Mather

CEO, Sonoma Valley Hospital

For County Health Departments 

We are excited about Elemeno’s mobile-friendly system because we wanted an efficient solution that would engage medical professionals in learning while supporting providers in the adoption of clinical best practices.

Kathleen Clannon, MD

Medical Director, Alameda County Health Care Services Agency

For Children’s Hospitals

“We chose Elemeno’s mobile-friendly platform because we wanted a simple, efficient solution that would engage and help our front-line teams.”

Jamie Wiggins, MS, RN

Senior Vice President and CNO, Children's Hospital of New Orleans

Ready to Power Your Team?