Elemeno Health Supports Nurse Innovation and Entrepreneurship

By Carole A. Klove, RN, JD

Elemeno Health proudly sponsored a scholarship for a nurse to attend the Society of Nurse Scientists, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders (SONSIEL) Certificate Program at Drexel University in Philadelphia, which took place on June 5 and 6, 2021. The new certificate program is designed for nurses and entrepreneurs who want to create and implement innovative healthcare solutions to benefit patients, community, and the healthcare industry. Elemeno is passionate about providing frontline medical professionals with technological innovations that improve patient care, and was excited to sponsor the program and Shaina Roe’s scholarship.

Shaina Roe, RN sponsored for the SONSIEL nurse innovation and entrepreneurship program.

Shaina Roe, RN is a 4th year BSN student, who has just accepted a position as lead RN at a community health center. She is passionate about quality improvement and health equity, and in her free time is immersed in starting a community garden in a small rural town that is struggling with substance abuse and obesity. As she says, “so many amazing mental health benefits come from getting your hands in the dirt and building community together.” Shaina is working on the project with two partners, one who works in child welfare and one who works in domestic violence. Shaina said that the SONSIEL training increased her awareness and knowledge of the business structure and legal pieces that need to be in place before the project is launched. Another very exciting outcome is that the training provided her with ongoing connections and resources for information and support.

Elemeno Health leveraging nurse innovation to solve major challenges in healthcare.

As an innovative company built by doctors and nurses to support our frontline medical workers, Elemeno is helping to solve today’s major challenges in healthcare. Healthcare providers commonly experience a growing gap between institutional knowledge and bedside practice, a need for more effective and timely training and communication, and staff who are overwhelmed, stressed, and underprepared for the myriad of constant changes occurring in the field. Elemeno successfully addresses these challenges through real-time support and training for frontline professionals—in essence putting an expert in their pockets.

Nurses’ frontline knowledge and passion for improving lives are powerful forces in healthcare innovation. 

Nurses are frequently the first to invent creative solutions to advance patient care and comfort, and they often challenge the status quo with their desire to improve outcomes. Nurses are passionate about improving lives, and this lends well to entrepreneurship and enriching communities, as well as improving the healthcare industry. Nurses spend 24 hours a day at the bedside, and have a direct connection to what works and what needs to be improved. They are great advocates for patients and families. Their desire to improve outcomes can lead to finding solutions through innovation and entrepreneurship.

For Elemeno, sponsorship of the SONSIEL program was a perfect fit.  “By inspiring, educating, and elevating nurses as innovators and entrepreneurs, SONSIEL is leveraging the unique insights and proximity of nurses to healthcare’s toughest challenges. We believe nurses are healthcare leaders creating and implementing advanced solutions” said Rebecca Love, MS, RN, President and Founder of SONSIEL.

Elemeno Health believes in the power of nurse innovation, and organizations such as SONSIEL and the Nursing Innovation Hub (NIHUB) are important in fostering and harnessing that innovation. As Aliya Aaron MSHS, BSN, RN, Founder, CEO and Executive Director of NIHUB shared, “NIHUB was designed to make innovation open and accessible to all nurses. We empower nurses to develop need-driven technology by providing them with the tools and skills necessary to launch, grow, and scale promising new health tech ventures. As we support innovation and nurses, NIHUB is proud to be an investor in Elemeno!”

Elemeno’s innovative platform and tools support nurses and other frontline staff to equip them with resources needed to deliver the best care possible. Teamwork has crucial importance in hospital settings, and Elemeno creates opportunities for the frontline to provide direct feedback and suggestions on clinical content to provide better care. We are driven to make quality and safety a team sport!