Community Medical Centers Partners With Elemeno Health to Support ICU and Emergency Room Teams in Delivering Excellent Care

FRESNO, Calif. & OAKLAND, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Elemeno Health, the developer of a proprietary cloud-based solution for frontline health care teams, and Community Medical Centers (Community), the leading healthcare provider in the Central Valley of California, today announced a partnership to support hospital staff with just-in-time best practices, building upon the successful deployment of Elemeno in their Emergency Department.

Community operates four hospitals, including Community Regional Medical Center, which cares for more critically ill patients than any other hospital in California, and has the second busiest Emergency Room in the state. Elemeno’s mobile-friendly solution delivers readily customizable training and communication materials in bite-sized multi-media form, directly to staff anytime, anywhere.

“Healthcare practices are constantly growing and changing,” said Dr. Judi Binderman, CMIO at Community. “Our staff, and our patients, deserve the technology support to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time.”

Elemeno Health is dedicated to empowering every healthcare professional to provide the best care possible to every life they touch. “Elemeno’s centralized communication hub helps keep our team updated with all the latest changes, departmental policies, and key information with rapid access on shift or wherever,” said Dr. Jeff Uller, Emergency Department Chair. “Elemeno combines communication, education, and quality improvement, keeping everyone on the same page and helping to change culture.”

Community is dedicated to supporting an environment of innovation and adding advanced medical technologies to ensure the highest quality care. “Much of traditional healthcare information is contained in multiple places, making it complicated to both manage and use; in contrast, by being at one’s fingertips with relevant information all in one place, Elemeno is fast and easy,” added Binderman. Seeing success in the Emergency Department, Community is expanding Elemeno to multiple inpatient care units. They’re also using Elemeno’s cloud network to share best practices with their academic partner UCSF Fresno.

“We aim to democratize access to best practices,” noted Arup Roy-Burman, CEO and co-founder of Elemeno Health. “The cloud enables us to extend high-quality care from world class medical centers to any community, benefitting all patients, regardless of income level or social demographics.”

About Community Medical Centers

Community Medical Centers is a private, not-for-profit healthcare network based in Fresno, California. Community operates four hospitals, a cancer institute along with several long-term care, outpatient and other healthcare facilities. The system is led by local leaders and physicians focused on addressing the diverse needs and issues of central California. As the leading healthcare provider in the Central San Joaquin Valley, Community cares for more people in the region than any other.

About Elemeno Health

Elemeno Health’s cloud solution helps healthcare systems empower frontline staff with hyper-localized bite-size support (how-to video, interactive decision guides, latest updates) specific to each team’s workflows and resources. As a “playbook in your pocket,” Elemeno makes best practices accessible and consumable just-in-time, on any device, driving the consistent delivery of high-quality care. Elemeno is winner of the American College of Emergency Physicians’ 2021 Emergency Medicine Innovator of the Year.


Community Medical Centers: Mary Lisa Russell,, (559) 284-1907
Elemeno Health: Lisa Crounse,, (510) 380-6183