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Creating Better Patient Outcomes

The Elemeno SaaS healthcare application delivers care that increases best practices and improves appropriate compliance during procedures by clinicians and staff.  It has been proven to reduce medical errors, lower costs, and lower the stress of healthcare providers. This improves and sustains the overall patient, clinician and staff experience.

Our mission is to elevate healthcare quality and performance by empowering your healthcare team with clear, timely information at the point of care and the recognition clinicians deserve. This is done through a lean management software solution that allows access to this information anywhere on any device at the time it is needed.

Lean Management Healthcare Saas Increases ROI

The Problem in Medicine Today

The Knowledge-Practice Gap is the most pressing problem in healthcare today.  Medicine has the ability to save more lives than ever before.  However with that ability comes increased information for new processes and procedures. It is impossible for frontline staff to know everything at any given time.  The end results are staggering:

  • Medical Errors: #3 Cause of Death in the US
  • Inefficiencies & Waste: Over $100 Billion per Year
  • Burnout: Physicians & Nurses Suffering at Record Rates
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“Elemeno Health is a personal assistant for hospital staff”

SaaS Healthcare Application: Delivering best practices to healthcare teams, at the point of care, on any device.

Learn Fast

Our cloud solution allows users to have on-demand access to the information they need. The right practice to the right person at the right time.

Be Consistent

Our platform helps healthcare organizations share and scale practices quickly. Get everyone on the same page– and keep them there.

Reduce Errors

Standardize practices and share knowledge transparently, across professions. Reduce mistakes and increase efficiency, saving lives and saving money.

Fight Burnout

We close the Knowledge-Practice Gap, allowing frontline staff to work smarter, not harder. We highlight teamwork and recognize the value each staff member brings every day.

target major hospital acquired infections

Targeted Content

Choose from ready-to-use bundles targeting the major hospital acquired infections (HAIs).

Easily add your own.









Shared Best Practice Library

Import your own or choose from our library of guidelines, checklists and short videos.

Share across disciplines, and even across institutions.

Measure and Improve

Make team goals visible and rally everyone around improving patient safety.


hospital SaaS benefits

Recognition and Gamification

Healthcare is a team sport.

Our user experience motivates team standardization, engaging peers in mutual performance.

Results That Matter

A one-year proof-of-concept study at UCSF targeted central line care. Deployed in three units, the pilot engaged over 200 nurses, cutting central line infections in half and saving an estimated three lives, >300 hospital days, and $1.1 million — more than a ten-fold ROI. This approach is expanding to now address additional hospital-acquired conditions and key processes affecting length of stay, safety, and outcomes.

The Right Practice to the Right Person at the Right Time

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About Us

Arup Roy-Burman, MD

Arup Roy-Burman, MD

Co-Founder & CEO

Prior to founding Elemeno Health, Dr. Roy-Burman was Medical Director of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and Director of Transport, Access and Outreach for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. He is an institutional leader in efforts to elevate healthcare delivery in the inpatient setting, with focus on interprofessional workforce engagement and standardization of best practices.
Ed Nanale

Ed Nanale

Co-Founder & CTO

Ed Nanale is a veteran game developer who has shipped 20+ games at Electronic Arts, managing over 2 million online users. He wants to apply the lessons learned from building engaging games toward making hospitals a better place for healthcare workers and their patients.
Carole A Klove, RN, JD

Carole A Klove, RN, JD


Carole has over 35 years of experience in healthcare as a nurse, an attorney, and as Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer at UCLA and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford. She most recently led process improvement and governance projects at UCSF.  Carole has specialized in regulatory, including but not limited to HITECH and HIPAA, as well as Medicare/Medicaid compliance and reimbursement.

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Our Core Elements

Elevate quality and performance with clear communication and metrics. Lift up the domain experts on your team and raise the bar for others.
Empower your team with the tools and the information they need to perform their best. Provide them with what they need, where and when they need it.
Engage everyone around patient care. Build stronger teams across professions and shifts. Give people the recognition they deserve.

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